• 1983

    Solo exhibition in the Chambers of Municipality of Marino (Rome).

  • 1984

    On the invitation of the director of the centre “La sponda” organizes thereand at "Tevere Expo Internazionaled'Arte"a solo exhibition. Participates in the First Funds Biennial.

  • 1985

    Drawing and sculptureexhibition at the gallery “Alternativa” in Rome. Realises a bronze monument for general aviation at Ciampino Airport.

  • 1986

    Exhibits in the "Country Evening" salon in Rome for the "nuclear and the tests".

  • 1987

    Realises a sketch for a mosaic that will be later performed for the Nation of Brunei.

  • 1987

    Solo exhibition (sponsored by the Commune of Marino) in Neukölln (Berlin) on the occasion of the 750th anniversary of the establishment of city’s Senate. Takes part in the first artistic recognition of Marino, exhibiting in “Le pagine di pietra” exhibit,presented by the critic Alessandro Masi, with Masters such as Mastroianni, Guerrini, Calò. Solo painting and sculpture exhibition at the gallery “Sagittario 2” in Rome.

  • 1988

    Realizes a bronze bust of the deceased police officer Graziosi, victim of a terrorist act in Rome, at “Claudio Graziosi” school. Solo exhibition at “Momentid’arte”, by Vasto. Solo exhibition on the occasion of Bari Expo. Participates in a collective (invited by the gallery "Punto" of Rome) at Palazzo deiPapi in Viterbo. Participates at the First Contemporary Art Exhibition “Bidart” of Bergamo with paintings and sculptures.

  • 1989

    Solo painting and sculpture exhibition at “Palazzetto Alemanni” in Montevarchi. Intervenes in a collective in the exhibition at “Palazzo Ruspoli” in Nemi.

  • 1989

    Joins the exhibit "Ex Vite" in the Marino Municipal Library. Participates in the First Salon of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rome with a solo painting and sculpture exhibition. Exhibits in the National Fair of Valencia.

  • 1990

    Solo exhibition in the gallery "Goya 2" in Valencia. Participates in the Second Salon Exhibition of Modern Art in Rome and in the exhibit “Artisti e ilsacro” in Ariccia. On the occasion of Football World Championship exhibits twelve works at RAl in Grottarossa(Rome); with three sculptures in "SoggettivamenteVIlI", an itinerant exhibition in three cities of Tuscany, organized by the art critics Nicola Miceli and Dino Pasquali.

  • 1991

    Participates with a painting exhibition in the Third Salon of Art. Realises “Guerriero” (“Warrior”), a Carrara white marble sculpture of cm. 300x250x100, located in the Ancient Appian Park in Rome.

  • 1992

    Solo painting and sculpture exhibition at “Bidart” in Bergamo. Takes part with paintings and sculptures works in the Fourth Salon of Modern Art in Rome. Solo painting and sculpture exhibition “Imago Mundi” at the church Anime Sante di Scanno, sponsored by the Commune.

  • 1993

    Solo painting and sculpture exhibition in the gallery A.T.C. in Como. Solo painting and sculpture exhibition in “Palazzo dell'arte” in Foggia, sponsored by the Commune. Solo painting and sculpture exhibition in “Palazzo deiCapitani” in Ascoli Piceno, sponsored by the Cultural Councillor of the Commune. Participates in the itinerant exhibition of Cultural Heritage “ItinerarioArte 900” in Montecatini Terme and then in BagnaraCalabra. Solo painting and sculpture exhibition in “Bidart” in Bergamo. Solo painting and sculpture exhibition in the gallery "Sterngalerie" in Lucerne (Switzerland). Illustrates the book “Olimpo in terra” (“Olympus on the ground”), poems by Mario dell'Arco.

  • 1994

    Solo exhibition during the conferences on "Ville Vesuviane" at Vila Campolieto in Ercolano. Realises on behalf of the Commune of Rome a series of works on “Roma – ieri, oggi, domani” (“Rome - yesterday, today and tomorrow”, with poems by Mario dell'Arco) with an exhibition in "Sagittario 2" in Rome. Solo painting and sculpture exhibition in the gallery "Arteincornice" in Turin.

  • 1995

    Invited to the exhibition “Omaggio a Corrado Alvaro” in the gallery of plaster casts Libero Andreotti of the Commune of Pescia. Participates to the 22nd international prize “Valle Roveto” sponsored by the Commune of Valle Roveto under the presidentship of the Council of Ministers. Invited to the collective exhibition in the Commune of Monteleone Sabino. Solo exhibition in the cultural centre S. SlvestroOsimo, sponsored by the Commune.

  • 1996

    Invited to the collective exhibit of Cultural Heritage supported by the Commune of Turania (Rieti). Exhibit of sculpture in marble, bronze and terracotta at the sacristy of Basilica di S. Maria in Montesanto (Piazza del Popolo, Rome). Invited to the collective exhibition in the Chambers of the Academy of Fine Arts of Catanzaro under the presidentship of the Council of Ministers. Invited to the collective exhibition organized by the Cultural Heritage of the Commune of Benestare (Reggio Calabria).

  • 1997

    Invited to the First International Visual Art Exhibition “Ver Sacrum”, Commune of Marino.

  • 1997

    Solo exhibition inRoof Garden, Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome. Invited to “Gli archetipi immaginali nell’arte contemporanea”. 49°edition of Michetti Award 1997, Palazzo S. Domenico Francavilla al Mare. Invited to the Contemporary Art Exhibition, a tribute to Umberto Mastroianni, Palazzo Vignola (Todi).

  • 1998

    “Ascensione” (“Ascension”), bronze sculpture included in the presentation of international conference cycle of "Imagini Christiane", biblical analysis and iconographic paths, Chiesa dell’ArcoiconfraternitadellaNatività (Rome) Gold workshop Genzano (Rome). “Europa era Dea” contemporary Italian artists for a new European figuration - Palace of Arts in Marseille.

  • 1999

    “Nel nome del Padre” sacred art exhibit - Basilica di S. Maria in Monte Santo” (Rome). Solo pictorial and sculptural exhibition - Museum of the Infiorata (Genzano).

  • 2000

    Realises a public artwork for the Commune of Marino, which evokes “Il ritornodallabattaglia di Lepanto” (“Return from the Battle of Lepanto”), oil on canvas, cm. 400x200.

  • 2001

    Participates to the Contemporary Art Exhibition “Linfanella Storia” in the Castle of Santa Severina in Crotone. Contemporary Art Collective organized by the Art House "Ulisse" in Rome.

  • 2002

    Realises, in the church Santo Giovanni Battista in Ciampino, “La porta del dolore” (“The Door of Pain”), bronzeportallost-wax casting. Contemporary Art Collective organized by the Art House “Ulisse” in Rome.

  • 2003

    “Il Cammino della Croce” (“The Way of the Cross”), art exhibitionat Basilica of Santa Maria in Montesanto – Chiesa degli Artisti in Rome; edited by Stefania Severi; Exhibits in the Church S. Rocco di Torrenieri (Siena) and in the Church S. Francesco di Serrapetrona (Macerata). Donates two sculptural works to the National Art Gallery of Serrapetrona (Macerata).

  • 2005

    Sacred Art ItinerantExhibition “Ave Maria”: Basilica S. Maria in Montesanto – Chiesa degli Artisti – Chiesa della Madonna dei Monti Montebuono (Rieti). RegionalInstitution Casa dell’Emigrante – Sant’Elia Flumerapido (Frosinone) -Palazzo Doria Pamphilii - Valmontone (Rome), edited by Stetania Severi. Realises for the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Acqua Santa in Marino a bronze portal, “La porta dellasperanza” (“The door of hope”) lost-wax casting. Sacred Art Exhibition in the Commune of Fermo “Le radicicristianenellaspiritualitàEuropea” (“Christian roots in European spirituality”); edited by Stefania Severi. Solo painting and sculpture exhibition in the headquarters of Banca Popolare di Milano - Marino, edited by Ugo Onorati and Franco Campegiani. In the context of a didactic project conceived by Paolo Mercuri Art Institute in Marino, in honour of the 4th birth centenary of the Master Musician Giacomo Carissimi. Realises together with his scholars, a bronze bust commissioned by the Commune. Participates, as winner of a contest announced by the Commune of Ciampino, in a collective painting and sculpture exhibition at D’AC, Municipal Gallery of Contemporary Art Ciampino.

  • 2006

    “Un abbraccio per la Pace” (“A Hug for Peace”), a work in Carrara white marble, realised for the Commune of Ciampino (Council Chamber of the Commune), on the occasion of the International Day of Peace.

  • 2007

    Participates in the 'Castrimeniense Showcase of Figurative Arts' sponsored by the Cultural Council of the Commune of Marino at the Civic Museum “U. Mastroianni”.

  • 2008

    “Le rose, le spine” (“The roses, the thorns”) 5 masters in an exhibit on the streets of the borough of Castelgandolfo. Adheres to the charity auction "Contemporanea per ilfuturo" organized by Casa d’ArtiArtribù, in order to collect funds for the Department of Paediatrics of Polyclinic Umberto l, by donating the work “Scudo di guerra” (“War Shield”, oil on board 100 cm in diameter). Participates in the exhibit at the House of Art Artribuù.

  • 2009

    In collaboration with SKY TV, Master Piali is internationally promoted through solo exhibitions and instructive interviews that will lead him to receive both institutional and private artistic consensus, reaching important markets ranging from Central America, Europe to Arab countries.

  • 2009

    Exhibition "Tante vie" for the inauguration of Castrimeniense Academy, sponsored by the Commune of Marino: a collection of the most beautiful works of local artists.

  • 2010

    New edition of the exhibit "Tante vie" organized by the Castrimeniense Academy at CasaledeiMonaci in Ciampino (Rome) and sponsored by Cultural Council of the Commune of Ciampino. Invited to the contemporary art exhibition "L'Aquila Non SiMuove" at Palazzo Ferdinando di Savoia in Rome, sponsored and promoted by the Ministry of the Interior and dedicated to the cultural identity of Abruzzo, curated by Cecilia Paolini.

  • 2010

    Winner of the contest "A Mosaic for Tornareccio" with the work "La Regina delle Api" (The Queen Bee) mosaic cm 100x100.

  • 2011

    Solo exhibition in "Palazzo Wedekind" in Piazza Colonna – on Via del Corso – Rome. Solo exhibition first edition 2011. Padiglione Italy – 54°. International Art Exposition of Venice Biennale special initiative for the 150° anniversary of Italian unification. "IL FOLLE VOLO" ("The Insane Flight") resin and bronze, diameter cm 200.Solo exhibition Commune of Tornareccio. Realisation of the mosaic "La reginadelleApi" (“The Queen Bee”) located in the centre of Tornareccio.

  • 2012

    Realisation of the work "Tensione" ("Tension") in Carrara white marble, h cm 200.

  • 2013

    Realisation of the work "Sovrano" ("Sovereign") in Carrara white marble, h cm 200.

  • 2014

    Personal show by Stefano Piali and Mikel Gjokaj edited by Carlo Ciccarelli and Silvia Pegoraro - Civic Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art - Palace of Culture - Latina

  • 2014

    Realises and locates the mosaic dedicated to Pope John Paul II drawn from one of his painting, in the Church of the Twelve Holy Apostles in Chieti Scalo.

  • 2014

    Realises the Altarpiece for Marino’s Hospital Chapel. "Isaia 53" ("Isaiah 53") oil on canvas cm 200x200.

  • 2015

    Invited at the Second International Biennial of Palermo. Participates with a small solo exhibition made of painting and sculpture works. St. Elias' Palace main floor. Awarding of the Prize Wilhelm II – Municipal Gallery "GiuseppeSciortino" Monreale City. Participation at the First International Biennial of Barcelona. "L'Ebrezza del contemporaneo" (The Exhilaration of the Contemporary) Palazzo Fantuzzi Collective Gallery Farini Concept "Arte a palazzo" (“Art at the Palace”) Bologna. Invited to participate at the exhibit "Eccellenze" ("Excellencies") Glances at the contemporary sculpture Critique advise by Mr. Paolo Levi – Palermo. "The Making of L’Aquila". Artists at work on Tv by Maria Paola Orlandini and Raffaele Simongini Municipal Palace - Aquila Comparison of Generation – International Contemporary Art Exposition at Palazzo Sforza Cesarini in Genzano invited to participate with "Il pensierodella Musa" ("The Thought of the Muse") by Giorgio from Genoa, art historian.

  • 2016

    XLIX Vasto Award for Contemporary Art; Scuderie di Palazzo Aragona "Archaeology to Come" edited by Silvia Pegoraro.

  • 2017

    Celebrations for the 125° anniversary of the constitution of Firefighters brigade in Marino, sponsored by the Commune of Marino, Stefano Piali has signed the event flyer: The Heroic. National Exposition of Sacred Art "Croce Veliterna" ("Velettri's Cross") Master Stefano Piali participates with "Madonna del Divino Amore" ("Our Lady of Divine"), Carrara marble h cm 70. 68° Michetti Award – "Fantasmi di luce - estetiche visionarie da Michetti al presente nel 70° anniversario del premio Michetti" ("Light Ghosts - VisionaryAesthetics from Michetti to present on 70thanniversary of Michetti Awards"), edited by Silvia Pegoraro. From 16 December 2017 to 28 January 2018.

  • 2018

    Exhibition at the Civic Museum Umberto Mastroianni di Marino 10 Years of the cultural association "Accademia Castrimeniense". The Maestro Stefano Piali participates with 4 works: three paintings and a sculpture in terracotta.

  • 2018

    From the surface to the third dimension works in clay running.

  • 2019

    At the Museo Civico Mastroianni in Marino, the exhibition "In nome di Leonardo" was inaugurated. Celebrates the genius of the Renaissance 500 years after his death. Of the artists invited to the exhibition, some have directly revisited the work of Leonardo while others have chosen, from their journey, a more representative work to pay homage to the Master.

  • 2019

    Participation with the sculptural work "Confronto" at the Prom museum in Warsaw.

  • 2021

    U. Mastroianni Marino Civic Museum.An escape from history beyond the darkness of the pandemic is the meaning of the Spiragli di Luce exhibition by Stefano Piali.

  • 2022

    He carried out the activity of decorating the walls of the noble floor of Palazzo Colonna in Marino (Rome) with figurative scenes and the crusade that saw Marcantonio Colonna, one of the protagonists of the war enterprise.

  • 2022

    24 artisti Dentro l’uragano: la mostra artistico-letteraria a Monterotondo dal 1 ottobre al 14 ottobre.

  • 2022

    “Dentro l’uragano” è il titolo della mostra collettiva di arte contemporanea a cura dell'Accademia Castrimeniense - Genzano

  • 2022

    Dentro l’uragano: la mostra artistico-letteraria a Marino

  • 2023

    Pittura, scultura e fotografia saranno gli ambiti dell’arte che la mostra dell’Accademia Castrimeniense metterà al centro della scena in “Contaminazioni di Luce”.

  • 2023

    During the Lepanto Centenary Gathering (11.02.23 - Umberto Mastroianni Civic Museum of Marino) Maestro Stefano Piali described the evolution of his Work "Lepanto 100th" which gives an iconographic representation of the Knight in the City of Marino

  • 2023

    Participation in the art review "The Sacred in Contemporary Art" - from 2 July to 24 September 2023 in Castelvecchio di Pescia.

  • 2024

    The human beyond history: The evocative exhibition space of the Aldobrandini Scuderie in Frascati hosts, from Saturday 3 to Sunday 25 February, "The human beyond history" by Stefano Piali, an artist who, for over forty years with his personal pictorial and sculptural sign, is measured in a production that leaves us amazed every time, as well described in the critical text by Ida Mitrano which opens the splendid catalog of the exhibition. The key points of his work lie in the apparent dichotomy between history and tradition, modernity and the past, movement, metamorphosis and stasis which become new scenarios for the artist for his contemporary inspiration.