“Un Mosaico per Tornareccio” (“A Mosaic for Tornareccio”) is a singularartisticevent. It was born almost as a game from the desire of Alfredo Paglione, a renowned Milanese gallerist, to realize in his hometown an open-air Museum of contemporary art. In this way, in 2006 arose the idea to create, through an artistic award, a Mosaic Museum: eternal works of art, available to the whole community. Since 2006, every summer, important Italian and foreign artists realise sketches to celebrate bees and nature of Tornareccio. These sketches are exhibited for one month and the inhabitants, supported by a technical jury, select by a vote the sketches that are intended to become mosaics. Every year the winning work is turned into mosaic at the expense of the City of Tornareccio. Moreover, the interest of many sponsors (both private and public) allows the execution into mosaics of some first-ranked sketches. The mosaics are made in Ravenna, the undisputed capital of mosaic art. The mosaics, placed on the façades of the houses, make the promenade through the historic centre an evocative artistic experience. This project establishes the construction of a real museum, in which nature, history, handcrafts, contemporary art and everyday life are in perfect symbiosis. In this magical amalgam, every single inhabitant is not only an integral part of a unique museum, but with his experience he enriches it day by day.

Stefano Piali winner of the 2010 V edition with “La regina delle api” ("The Bee Queen"), oil on canvas cm 40x40.

Il mosaico e il bozzetto di Piali
La personale di Piali nel salone del comune
Piali e la curatrice Elsa Betti
Salone polifunzionale di Tornareccio
Salone polifunzionale di Tornareccio
Piali con il sindaco Pallante e Paglione
Piali intervistato dal tg locale
Paglione parla all'inaugurazione
Piali con un ospite della personale
Visitatori alla personale di Piali
Visitatori alla personale di Piali
I cataloghi in vendita
Piali e il giornalista Rai Giulio Borrelli